How We Work

Typically, our business relationship will begin with a short description of the requirements by the Client, and then an outline of approach, work involved, predicted timescales and price estimate by AWT.  If both parties are in general agreement about the potential project, an NDA is usually established.  We would then discuss the problem in detail and an itemised quotation would be generated.  Work can commence upon receiving a signed contract from the Client.  Invoicing is typically weekly or sometimes upon completion of a chunk of work.  As a small company, we do not usually go beyond one week’s work without invoicing.  Payment is by bank transfer (BACS).  We are VAT registered.

Communication is primarily electronic, such as Skype and Email to keep costs low.  More local Clients enables face to face meetings – we have a Costa Coffee shop in our village of Hinchley Wood which makes a good venue or we can visit your offices.  We tend to keep a running commentary of the work (with key design data, results and progress) in the form of a PowerPoint slidepack which is sent to the Client weekly or twice a week.

We look forward to working with you!