Past Projects

AWT is an RF / microwave consultancy company.  Some of our projects include:

  • System design for aircraft satcom
  • Signal generator modules
  • Power amplifier modules and linearisation
  • LTE basestations
  • Channel modelling and emulators
  • Pocket Qube satellite payload
  • Beam-forming antenna arrays
  • Antenna design for NFC payment tag at 13.56MHz
  • Radar transceivers
  • PLL design
  • Antenna matching for personal monitor at 900MHz
  • Electronic payment eavesdropping receiver
  • Radio link budgets and impairment analysis
  • Radio interference studies (in association with Real Wireless)
  • LoRa link analyses
  • Cable TV modems
  • GPS clock module
  • Microwave point-point links
  • Wimax basestations
  • Vector network analyser product development
  • ATE hardware development
  • Antenna matching at 433MHz
  • Obsolescence design for IR link
  • Poor range Zigbee investigation
  • PCB layout signal integrity investigations
  • Multiple website designs using html, css, javascript and WordPress

We are very interested in discussing your project.