We are often asked to design an antenna or match an antenna to a receiver or transmitter.

Our experience includes design of the following types:

  • patch
  • printed
  • helical
  • monopole
  • dipole
  • folded dipole
  • smd chip
  • yagi-uda
  • arrays

We use design tables and equations alongside ADS Momentum 3D planar EM simulator with practical measurements to optimise the radiation pattern, bandwidth and match.

As an example, we recently designed a pcb track quarter wave line antenna:


Matching is performed by practical measurement and simulations:

A matching circuit is created, often including a filter and balun, in ADS with all parasitics modelled:

Measurements can be carried out by hiring the use of an anechoic chamber, or (much cheaper / less accurate) in an open space:

We’ve also installed antennas for communications links and fixed VSAT satellite communications systems, as well as vehicular installations for measurement campaigns.

Here’s a couple of 1.2m satellite dishes we installed:

At home I have also installed an 80cm parabolic motorised dish on the side of my house, which took a while to setup and align.