IBM’s DOORS software is a great tool to capture and manage product requirements, test requirements and test evidence for large systems.

I have used it extensively on an avionic system (satcom for airliners) project.  Here is a flavour of what I was doing:

The general system life cycle follows the following V shape:

On the left hand side of the V, my role has been to analyse and then flow the radio and RF user/stakeholder requirements to the system requirements and to the sub-system LRU requirements.  I have also been involved in specifying the LRU hardware requirements.

Following the derivation of system and sub-system requirements, I produced system verification plans and sub-system verification plans.

On the right hand side of the V, my role has been in system verification testing and sub-system verification.

The aircraft system forms one component in a larger system comprising satellites and ground stations, and terrestrial networking.

The work I’ve been doing has involved analysing the whole system-of-systems, the system, the sub-system and hardware from the radio frequency point of view, and formally capturing this in DOORS.

Once mastered, DOORS is a great tool for managing large complex system product developments.