What Clients say…

“Peter has many strengths, including RF systems analysis and architectural design. Pete produced some excellent analyses making difficult things seem simple. I found Pete very approachable and easy to work with. He communicates extremely well and is flexible in his attitude. He is willing to tackle anything that you throw at him and is eager to get on with his work. I would not hesitate to recommend him highly and would be very happy to work with him again.” – Client Senior Director

“I worked with Pete when preparing RFI/RFQ responses for WiMAX Radio Access Systems at Airspan. He was always extremely responsive and his input was of an exceptionally high quality under tight timescales. I trusted Pete to interface directly with our strategic OEM partners and customers and this resulted in winning some key accounts for Airspan. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Pete again.” – Client Product Director

“Pete is a very talented RF Engineer with expertise at all levels of the RF Design, theoretical and hands on. He is a cool minded Engineer and very easy to get on with.” – Client Principal RF Engineer

“Pete has very strong analytical and theoretical skills. In addition he is a very practical and capable engineer. He is a valuable addition to any team.” – Client Company Chairman and Professor

“Pete is a very competent RF Designer. He was given a high level of design responsibility in his roles. Pete worked for the department several times and was usually the first contractor to be considered if a first role arose, especially if it was a complex task.” – Client Technical Manager

“I commend Pete’s practical abilities and the means that he has to conceptualise innovative solutions.” – Client Professor

“Peter is an extremely competent and focused RF Engineer. He has a wealth of experience in differing sectors of the RF industry and helped me on several occasions when i needed some technical guidance. Peter instills a relaxed but very focused approach in everyone that works with him.” – Client Principal RF Engineer

“Pete is a hard worker who gets into the detail of any issue, frequently bringing a new approach to developing an effective solution.” – Client Principal Development Engineer

“His huge experience in the telecommunications industry combined with his academic depth makes him a rare asset in the field.” – Project Partner Principal Systems Engineer

“Pete is a knowlegeable and professional engineer. In my interactions with him on the project, he always impressed me. Highly recommended.” – Client Senior Software Architect