RF Lab Frequency Extension Experiment

Today I received two microwave mixers. The plan is to extend my RF lab capabilities from 4GHz to 40GHz on a budget.

Here are the mixers:

In the block diagram, the parts in blue are from Minicircuits and the parts in red from Analog Devices. This could be a good method of upgrading a lab on a budget.

I want to experiment with X and Ka band gain, noise figure (Y factor), ip3, return loss and isolation (>70dB) measurements, using a handful of connectorised blocks. I want to see what is possible to measure on a budget. It could be time consuming though identifying which spurs are DUT related and those due to test equipment! PS my signal generator has 2 tone capability and spectrum analyser has pre-amp.

For the 4GHz to 10GHz range, I’m considering splitting into 2 ranges as follows to manage the spurious: