Circuit Design

AWT has carried out many different circuit designs operating at frequencies from DC – 20GHz.  We are expert in lower frequency RF designs under 3GHz where lumped elements and careful layout can be used, as well as microwave designs where printed structures are used with RFICs on specially selected substrates along with waveguide transmission lines.  We own the Keysight ADS W2207 software which we have found highly accurate for both linear and non-linear simulations.  We also have experience working at sub-1GHz, designing down to 10Hz for audio, up to 10MHz for video, at HF, VHF and in the digital UHF television bands.

Here are some examples of circuits we have designed:

  • Discrete component level design using lumped elements and transistors
  • Discrete level design using microstrip and stripline with RFIC
  • ADC and DAC evaluation
  • LNA and LNB design
  • Mixer evaluation
  • Filter design
  • PA design
  • VCO/VCXO design
  • Phase locked loop PLL design
  • Switches
  • IF strips
  • Antenna design
  • Antenna characterisation in anechoic chamber

We have designed circuits for:

  • Microwave links
  • Satellite payloads
  • Satellite terminals
  • Antenna arrays
  • Mobile phone base stations
  • Mobile phone handsets
  • Military radios and infrastructure
  • Aircraft radios and inflight entertainment
  • Test & measurement equipment
  • Cable television
  • Hi fi audio
  • Video distribution