Radio Design

We have a lot of experience designing radio architectures to meet industry and proprietry standards.  Sometimes a spreadsheet block and levels plan is enough, but often a full analysis with complex modulation is required by simulation.  Non-linear loop behaviour is also predicted with high accuracy by simulation tools such as Spice, Simulink or ADS.  Simulations and analysis may also account for FPGA and microprocessor signal processing algorithms as well as radio propagation channel characteristics.  Radio system models sometimes contain embedded circuit simulations as well as forming a block within an end to end communication link system model.  Once the radio architecture is designed with analysis and a working simulation, work progresses onto evaluation and selection of parts and the creation of a schematic.

Here are some examples of radio system design experience we have:

  • Receivers
  • Transmitters
  • Phase locked loops
  • Power amplifiers and PA linearisation
  • AGC and APC gain control loops
  • Overload protection loops

We have designed radios for:

  • Microwave links
  • Satellite payloads
  • Satellite terminals
  • Antenna arrays
  • Mobile phone base stations
  • Mobile phone handsets
  • Military radios and infrastructure
  • Aircraft radios and inflight entertainment
  • Test & measurement equipment
  • RFIC and MMIC
  • Cable television
  • Hi fi audio
  • Video distribution