RF Systems Design

Designing a communications link involves meeting a QoS target ( eg. 100 Mbps for 99.9% availability ) enabling the transport of data from location A to B.  This must be achieved over a time varying complex radio propagation channel using the minimum resources ( eg. OPEX and spectrum bandwidth ) under specified constraints ( eg. transmit power, frequency of operation and spurious emissions / interference ).  We have a lot of experience modelling communications link in tools such as Excel, ADS and Matlab / Simulink – link budgets in Excel and simulations similar to the photo above using ADS and Matlab for example.  Dr Peter King’s PhD in mobile / satellite MIMO radio propagation has provided a detailed understanding of the radio channel behaviour in various radio environments, frequencies and bandwidths.  In addition to modelling the physical layer, we have good knowledge of access schemes such as CSMA, TDMA, FDMA, CDMA, OFDMA and a working knowledge of the whole OSI 7 layer model. Many of our assignments have made use of requirement/traceability software tool IBM Rational DOORS, where we have captured stakeholder/user requirements and flowed them down to LRU requirements and IVVQCA test requirements. We have applied our knowledge and skill along the whole system life cycle.

We have designed radio communications links for:

  • Microwave links
  • Satellite systems
  • Mobile radios
  • Military radios
  • Aircraft radios
  • Cable television
  • Video distribution